About Char

I enjoy being in the kitchen. When I cook, I think about my loved ones I am going to cook for and it just brings a different level of enjoyment for me. My two biggest inspiration would definitely be the anchor in my life and my mum. Mum always have that secret home recipe stashed somewhere :).

Cooking is distressing for me, it is a hobby, a passion. It is my “Me time” and I love to cook with my favourite glass of wine next to me!

I am a self taught cook and I aim to cook dishes that you could whip up in a short time and easy to execute ;). I am into low carbs but some dishes you just can’t do without rice!

I prefer cooking Asian dishes, you will see lots of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean dishes. Salads too, but mainly because I try to have a balance of healthy eating aka detox.

I had been posting pictures of my cooking on my Facebook and to make this meaningful, I decided to put up the blog with the recipes. Now all my friends that are living overseas with cravings for Asian food back home in Singapore can just follow my simple and easy recipes.

I am still learning and am open to comments and feedbacks to improve on my dishes. Please feel free to share. Follow me on my culinery journey 😆….

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