Chiu Chow Oyster Porridge 蚝仔粥


Teochew or Chiu Chow Oyster porridge is one of my comfort food. I love to have it with my chilli padi (optional). Every spoonful of baby oyster and porridge with the heat from the chilli padi brings out the rich seafood taste. If you love oysters, this is a truly must try recipe!

A really simple dish, easily whipped up in 45mins. Note that the texture is not Congee which is usually thicker texture. This porridge has broth and the grains are still holds their individual form.

Ingredients: Serves about 2

300g baby oysters (I get my frozen oysters at the local supermarket

100g minced pork

1cup white rice

30g of dried flounder, roasted and shreded (I actually toast it and just blend it to powder form and store it in an air tight container. In powder form, I put in 1tbsp)

500ml chicken broth/stock

500ml water

Cilantro, chopped for garnish

Pork Marinate

1tbsp chinese cooking wine

1tsp salt

Some grounded white pepper


1. To clean the oysters, soak the baby oysters in water with 1 tbsp of corn starch and 1 tbsp of coarse salt. Mix it with your hands and then rinse under running water.

2. Marinate the pork, and leave it aside for about 15mins

3. In a pot, put in the white rice (assuming you should know to wash the rice), chicken broth and water. Bring this to boil on high heat. When boiling, reduce to medium heat and simmer for about 20mins.

4. When the rice is soft (still holds the form of individual grains), add marinated pork and dried flounder.

5. After cooking pork for aboit 2ins, add the baby oysters. Simmer for about 3mins until oysters are cooked (or cooked to your preference. Do not overcook)

6. Remove from heat

7. Serve with white pepper and chopped cilantro

*For the oysters, I would cook it and the moment it is cooked to how I like it, I remove them from the broth to prevent overcooking them.


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