Yong Tau Foo Soup


I mentioned I love soup. Now, I’m craving for soup yet no carbs….Yong Tau Foo Soup. It has all the tofu, fish ball, lots of white cabbage for the fibre and any other yong tau foo ingredients that like to throw in.

I like to have my yong tau foo on its own, so I make sure that I have lots of cabbage, tofu in the pot to fill me up and with chilli padi in soya sauce as dip, I’m all set. The soup is flavourful yet such a healthy meal.

Ingredients: Serves 2
Ikan Bilis (dried white anchovies)
Soy beans
Chicken bones (optional)
800ml Water
Half Long Cabbage (known as wong bok)
1 piece Tofu or Tau Kwa
Yong Tau Foo (any type that you like, fish ball, fish cake, etc)


The Yong Tau Foo I bought from the wet market and the chopped up cabbage (wong bok)

1. Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil.

2. Fill a tea bag (9cm x 7cm type of tea bags)with ikan bilis and soya beans (half of the bag filled with ikan bilis and the other half soya beans). If you are cooking for 4 or more people, use 1 tea bag for soy beans and 1 tea bag for ikan bilis.

3. Scald the chicken bones in another pot of boiling water. Remove chicken bones and set aside.

3. Once the water is boiling, add the bag of ikan bilis and soy beans into the pot Let it boil medium heat for at least 1 hour. Add the chicken bones in too.

4. After 1 hour, Add wongbok/long cabbage and let it boil till it has changed colour.

5. Add the yong tau foo ingredients and let it come to a boil.

6. Lastly, add the tofu and let it come to a boil. Season to taste.


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