Gyeranjjim (Korean Steamed Eggs)

I had recently lugged 2 stone/ceramic pots back from Korean and just can’t wait to try it out. I’m preparing Gyeranjjim today.

Gyeranjjim is a custard like steam egg and is a popular Korean side dish. One of my favourite. It is simple yet such a comfort dish. 

This dish is prepared with just eggs and scallions but you can add in other vegetables like carrots, onions etc. 

I use anchovy broth for this dish, however, you can use chicken stock, vegetable broth or even water.


2 large eggs

1/2 cup anchovy broth* (or chicken stock, vegetable broth or water) – use more for softer eggs

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon chopped scallion

2 medium shrimps, chopped (optional)

(*Boil 10 medium dry anchovies and a 3 inch dried kelp in about 3 cups of water for 10mins. Feeze the leftover broth to be used another time)


1. Beat 2 eggs and run it through a sieve to break the egg mixture into a smooth liquid consistency. 

2. In a lightly oiled small stone/ceramic pot or any heat proof bowl, mix the beaten eggs well with the anchovy broth and salt

Cooking Methods 

Steamer: Boil water in steamer. Place the heat proof bowl in the steamer. Cover the steamer and steam for 7 mins. Add the chopped shrimp and scallions, cover and steam for another 3 mins until the mixture is set.

Stone/ceramic pot (stove-top proof): Add the egg mixture to the pot. Cover and simmer over medium low heat on the stove for about 5 mins. Add the shrimp and scallions. Cover and simmer for additional 2 mins until the mixture is set.

Serve pipping hot.


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