Crab Meat Greek Yogurt Dip

You can have this as a dip, sandwich fills or even as a salad with your favourite greens.

I like mine with a some heat so I added sriracha. Taste amazing 😊

I bought my crab meat raw. Melt some unsalted butter, throw in the raw crab meat and a simple stir on the skillet till cook. Left it in the refrigerator to cool while I prepare the Dip mix. 

500g Crab Meat
140g Greek Yogurt
2 tbsp Mayonnaise (optional. I did mine w/o this)
2 tbsp Mint (finely cut)
2 tbsp Scallions (finely cut)
2 tsp White wine vinegar
1 tbsp Sriracha (adjust to taste)
2 tsp Lemon Juice
1 tsp Lemon zest

1. Add the yoghurt, sriracha, mayonnaise (if you are adding this), white wine vinegar, lemon juice, mint and scallions together and mix well. Adjust the taste to your liking

2. Fold in the crab meat

3. Chill for 2 hours or overnight. Serve.


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