Thai Spicy & Sour Grill Fish Salad

This dish is full of flavours.  It is spicy, sour, refreshing, no Carbs and really healthy.  Cut down on the small chilli if you cannot handle the heat well and it would taste just as good. On the contrary, you can of course add more chilli for that extra kick. Just writing about this is triggering my palette!

I enjoy this dish on it’s own or sometimes with rice. You can eat it cold and it would still taste awesome. You can keep the leftovers and have it the next day and that would still be good.

2 Mackeral (around 400g each) or any firm white fish fillets

Finely Sliced All Items Below
2 lemon grass ( just the white part)
1 Spring onion
1 slice of ginger ( around 1 inch thick)
5 kaffir leaves
20g (1cup) mint leaves
4-5 small chilli, deseeded
2-3 shallots, chopped
1 cup coriander or parsley, optional

1tbsp fish sauce
5tbsp lime juice


  1. Grill fish for 20 mins on each side till light brown and cooked.
  2. Remove bones and skin. Break the fish into smaller bites sizes
  3. Mixed all the finely sliced ingredients, sauces and fish together. Taste and adjust seasoning and it is ready to be served.

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