Cod Fish with Garlic and Soy Sauce

Was at the supermarket today and Cod fish steak was on promotion. So Cod fish for dinner tonight. 

This is a really easy recipe, easily whipped up in 10mins. Sauce is fragrant, its mainly garlic, soy sauce and cilantro. This dish goes best with steam rice. 

Ingredients:Serves 4
500g Cod fish steak (Around 3/4 slices)

One full bulb of garlic, chopped (you can adjust according to your taste)

Cilantro, chopped

3 tbsp Light soy sauce

1. Add a little oil into the hot pan. Do not add too much oil as Cod is an oily fish and the oil from the fish would also comes out. 

2. Place the cod steak into the hot pan and slightly cook it. You would not need to flip the fish. Remove the fish from pan when you could see that its is almost cook. Around 2mins.

3. Put the fish aside on a plate. We would now prepare the sauce

4. Add oil to heated pan, add in the chopped garlic. Fry it till frangrant. 

5. Add about 3 tbsp of light soy sauce and stir fry it together with the garlic.

6. As it bubble up, turn down the fire and place the Cod fish back into the pan with the garlic and soy sauce for about another 1min or so. Just poke your fork through. If it goes through easily, its cooked. Turn off the fire. Throw in the chopped cilantro.

7. Remove fish and topped it with garlic from the pan. Serve.


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