Tea Smoked Chicken

Simple recipe and absolutely delicious. Love that hint of aromatic tea leaf in the chicken and the chicken is still juicy.


Chicken 1 whole, butterfly it
Salt 2 tsp
Chicken powder 2 tsp
Uncooked rice 1/4 cup
Chinese tea leaves 1/2 cup (your preference of tea. I use Pu Er here)
Sugar 2 Tbsp


1. Marinade chicken with salt and chicken powder. Leave in fridge for 6 hrs or overnight

2. Steam the chicken for 30 mins.

3. Line the wok with aluminum foil and add the tea, rice and sugar

4. Place the chicken directly on the steaming rack. Cover the wok. Turn on the burner. Once smoke appears, smoke chicken for 8 mins or until it turns to a nice bronze colour

5. Rest for 10 mins. Chop the chicken and serve.


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